Google Cloud

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube. Alongside a set of management tools, it provides a series of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning. Registration requires a credit card or bank account details.

Private network

Google owns and operates one of the largest backbone networks in the world connecting our data centers with hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber optic cable. We use advanced software-defined networking and edge caching services to deliver fast, scalable, and consistent performance. When your traffic is on our network, it no longer transits the public Internet, making it less likely to be attacked, intercepted, or manipulated.

Data center security

Google data centers feature a layered security model with custom-designed electronic access cards, alarms, vehicle access barriers, perimeter fencing, metal detectors, and biometrics. The data center floor features laser beam intrusion detection.

Our data centers are monitored 24/7 by high-resolution interior and exterior cameras that can detect and track intruders. Only approved employees with specific roles may enter. Fewer than one percent of Googlers will ever step foot in one of our data centers.

Scale with demand

Our best-in-class infrastructure is engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet, giving you the flexibility to scale quickly, while still maintaining admin control. GCP frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks, so you can focus on what’s really important — your business. And our customer-friendly pricing means you only pay for what you use, providing better overall value.

Google Cloud

GCloud (Google Cloud) is a pioneer in providing service in the cloud. Today we can say that GCloud is the leading provider of this kind of service. The Google Cloud platform provides a complete set of cloud computing services that allow organizations to create scalable applications according to their needs. Everybody are well aware about Google’s popularity so it’s not surprising that they have so powerful global infrastructure which allows outsourcing of work or entire hardware infrastructure into a cloud – it is possible to run any application without the need for a local data center. This feature is particularly suitable for cases where there is a need for hardware that is otherwise impossible to provide in the desired range in a short time. The system works on the pay-per-use principle. However working with GCloud is very hard and requires a high degree of knowledge to be able to correctly operate it.

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud provides flexible infrastructure, end-to-security, modern productivity, and intelligent insights engineered to help your business thrive.

Hybrid Capabilities

Choosing between your existing investment in infrastructure and moving to the cloud is not a binary decision.
Deep features, dedicated connectivity, identity federation and integrated tools allow you to run ‘hybrid’ applications across on-premises and cloud services.

Security Recognized as Stronger than On-premises

Security in the cloud is recognized as better than on-premises. Broad security certification and accreditation, data encryption at rest and in-transit, hardware security modules and strong physical security all contribute to a more secure way to manage your business’ IT infrastructure.

A Platform for Virtually Every Use Case

From data warehousing to deployment tools, directories to content delivery, over 50 services are available in just a few mouse clicks with Google Cloud. New services are quick to provision, without upfront capital expense, allowing enterprises, start-ups, SMBs and customers in the public sector to access the building blocks they need to respond quickly to changing business requirements.