Performance Testing

In Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Agile Development technology Performance Analysis is of ever growing importance for every online exposure . In many cases, the experience of potential clients directly or indirectly affects the business and technical goals of the company.

For example research shows that there is a correlation between website performance and sales and other relevant business goals.

Our company offers you best solution in Performance analysis. A cloud-based software perform testing and performance analysis and help you to verify that a particular system, program, or any process that is set up meets the specifications that have been requested by the manufacturer. Two or more processes can be ran in parallel. This enables precise comparison of crucial elements such as: speed, reliability, data transfer rate, etc.


Performance and load testing are one of the dominant means to evaluate the web-application performance. At the end of load testing, performance analysts have to analyze thousands of performance counters in both scenarios traditional as well as in cloud-based load testing.

The performance team is responsible for managing large migrations and application roll-outs.


  Our performance analysis offerings to solve:

– Analysis of variance and queuing theory to better understand and explain a recently sourced application’s flow.
– Transformative or weighted performance analysis during testing of applications on shared environments.
– Qualitative analysis of throughput during migratory exercises.
– Pinpoint bottleneck isolation for a major application’s infrastructure
– Linear regression analysis using samples and population for confident tests.

Regression Testing

Other common utilisations of our performance analysis offerings are regression testing across stress testing scenarios, statistical analysis of queueing systems, and capacity planning early in the systems development life cycle. 

Raw analytical strength, versatility, and systematic approach is what sets our versatilist team of performance engineers apart from the stock-and-grade testers or analysts available anywhere else.